Restore Photos AI Tool


Restore Photos AI can offer a range of features to enhance the restoration process, including:

  • Color correction: This feature can automatically adjust the color balance of an image to restore it to its original hues.
  • Noise reduction: This feature can help reduce the presence of digital noise in an image, which can be caused by low light or high ISO settings.
  • Scratch and dust removal: This feature can detect and remove scratches, dust, and other artifacts from an image.
  • Tear repair: This feature can repair tears in a photograph by intelligently filling in the gaps with surrounding image data.
  • Clarity and detail enhancement: This feature can enhance the overall clarity and detail of an image, bringing out finer details and improving its overall visual quality.
  • Batch processing: This feature can enable the processing of multiple photos at once, making it faster and more efficient to restore entire collections of photographs.
  • Automatic cropping and resizing: This feature can automatically crop and resize an image to the desired output size, saving time and effort.
  • Face and object recognition: This feature can identify faces and other objects in a photograph, making it possible to apply targeted enhancements to specific areas of an image